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10 Reasons to Use Silverton Mortgage for Your Home Financing

May 7, 2024

10 Reasons to Use Silverton Mortgage for Your Home Financing:

The path to homeownership, particularly in new construction, is often viewed as a complex and daunting journey. However, with the right partner by your side, this process can be streamlined and transformed into an exciting venture leading to the doorstep of your dream home. Silverton is an indispensable partner, leveraging deep-rooted expertise and innovative solutions to make the dream of homeownership a reality for thousands. Silverton brings a wealth of experience, creative solutions, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring a seamless transition into your new home. Their strategic partnerships and proactive tools are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, making the dream of homeownership an attainable reality.

  1. On-Time Closing
    • Having closed thousands of new construction units, we know the process
      inside out. Our history includes consistently meeting closing deadlines, showcased by our On-Time Closing Guarantee program. 
  2. Accountability
    • Our partnership with the builder ensures accountability, keeping the lender honest and accurate. This significant value comes at no extra cost.
  3. Awareness
    • Our extensive experience in processing loans with the builder equips us to calculate taxes and fees associated with your home accurately. This ensures an accurate qualification and clarity regarding your payment obligations.
  4. Timely Funding
    • We have the ability to pre-fund loan proceeds for swift builder payments and seamless key exchanges, reducing funding delays on closing day.
  5. Closing Process
    • Our enhanced closing process allows for e-signing documents from the closing package 24 hours before the appointment, reducing time spent at the closing table.
  6. Incentives
    • As a result of our established relationship with Summit Homes, we expect a streamlined process and incentive credits that directly reduce closing costs or improve financing terms.
  7. Acceptance
    • Increase the chance of your offer being accepted with a Silverton approval letter, supported by our history of working with the builder. This adds credibility and a sense of trust, in comparison to an approval from an outside lender. In addition, contingencies are more likely to be accepted due to this established relationship.
  8. Intentional Approach
    • Our intentional approach to new construction involves strategic communication touch points, keeping you informed, ensuring accuracy, and staying on track with operations, appraisals, and important dates.
  9. Adaptable Solutions
    • We offer flexible escrow holdbacks for sod, landscaping, fencing, irrigation, and more. This accelerates approval and lowers the risk of delays in closing.
  10. Competitive Tools
    • Coupled with our ability to compete, our proactive tools empower us to anticipate and address potential issues early, ensuring an efficient process tailored to serve needs.


Mortgage FAQs:

  • What documents are required for pre-approval?
    • Documentation requirements can vary. Commonly requested: Government Issued ID, typically a Driver’s License W2 Forms Paystubs Tax Returns Bank Statements
  • How much are closing costs?
    • Can vary based on a number of factors. Ask us about our builder partner incentives that can assist in reducing closing costs.
  • What's a Rate Point?
    • A Rate Point is generally an optional fee paid by a borrower to a lender to reduce the interest rate on their loan. At Silverton, we prioritize transparency, especially regarding rate points, helping you have a clear understanding of the terms from the start. Here’s a key point to remember: Your rate may change until it has been locked by your lender.
  • What does the Origination Fee cover?
    • At Silverton, the Origination Fee covers application, underwriting, credit report, and administration fees, although you may see these fees itemized separately, we consolidate them for simplicity. Additional fees that are typical for mortgage loans include: PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) Appraisal Title Company Fees Escrow
  • What is APR vs Interest Rate?
    • Interest Rate is the cost you pay to borrow money to finance your loan. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) includes the interest rate along with any additional fees charged by the lender, such as origination fees, points, and other fees.


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