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Donna & Dennis

May 9, 2022

Our Community Manager sat down with Holly Farms' homeowners, Donna & Dennis, to chat about their new home. They built a Somerset plan, our popular reverse floorplan with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 3 car garage. 

What made you choose the Somerset floorplan?
"We loved the accessibility that the Somerset floorplan provided with most of our living spaces that we need all on one level. With two bedrooms, laundry room, deck and all the other main living spaces upstairs, it checked all the boxes for the type of a layout that we were looking for as we were getting older. With that being said, it also gave us the lower level to expand out when we had family visiting. The additional two bedrooms, bathroom and large family room, are perfect for entertaining and give guests a place of their own too."

What do you like best about your floorplan?
"The thing I like the best about this floorplan is the open concept and that it minimizes the use of enclosed rooms. I can be working in the kitchen, and it allows me to cook and be a part of the family at the same time. I also REALLY LOVE all the windows throughout that main area because it gives an abundance of natural light and makes our home seem more inviting."

Are there any particular upgrades you wish you would have done?
"Didn't I choose all the upgrades I could??? LOL! I love all the upgrades that we included. If I wished for something more, it would have to do with power outlets. The long hallway entry wall as you enter doesn't have an outlet. I'd like that so I could put my Christmas tree there. I added an extra outlet in the huge storage room but wish I would have added two. Other than that, I like just about everything else."

"You didn't ask me my thoughts about building with Summit Homes. It has been an overall pleasant experience. Even building during a time of historical supply chain shortages, things progressed along daily, and when you told me something was going to be done, it got done. No disappointments, no problems, no buyer's regrets. From signing our contract to signing our final paperwork, it has been a simple, easy process."

Thank you, Donna & Dennis! We're so happy you chose Summit and wish you years and years of happiness in your homes and in Holly Farms. 

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