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New Home Journey: Buy at Any Stage

July 10, 2023

Choosing new construction offers a wide range of possibilities and the opportunity to personalize your living space to your preferences. With the guidance of our dedicated team of Community Managers, Designers, and Personal Builders, you will have a world-class experience that will end with you moving into your dream home. 

In your search for a new Summit home, you can choose between the four stages* of buying a new construction home. 

Build from Scratch: Creating Your Vision from the Ground Up

Building a home from scratch offers flexibility and the chance to create a living space that suits your needs. At this stage, Summit has a floor plan and homesite permitted, and you can personalize interior and exterior finishes. With the support of our team, your new home will be completed in around 150 days. The Build from Scratch stage provides the ultimate level of personalization and ensures that every detail reflects your unique style and preferences.


  • Personalization: Design your dream home from the ground up.
  • Design Studio Experience: Select interior and exterior finishes that align with your taste and vision.
  • A world-class build experience: Our dedicated team of builders is committed to providing exceptional communication.

Foundation Stage: Expedited Build with Personalized Touches

If you desire a faster build timeframe but want to personalize your home, the Foundation Stage offers the solution. You can select from homes already under construction, accelerating the timeline to around 115 days. While structural decisions are predetermined, you will be free to choose all other selections, allowing you to infuse style into the interior of your new home. The Foundation Stage provides the best of both worlds by combining efficiency with personalization.


  • Expedited timeline: Move into your new home in around 115 days.
  • Personalization opportunities: Personalize the interior finishes to match your unique preferences.
  • Reduced decision-making process: Structural choices have already been made, streamlining the building process.

Cabinet Stage: A Swift Path to a Personalized Home

If you are eager to move into your new home sooner than later but want to personalize your living space, the Cabinet Stage is for you. Homes at this stage are already under construction, with cabinets and trim not yet ordered and can be completed in around 75 days. You will have the opportunity to choose from designer-curated selections that still allow you to showcase your personal touch in your new home. With a shorter waiting time, the Cabinet Stage provides a great option for those who desire a balance between personalization and speed.


  • Faster delivery: Move into your new home in around 75 days.
  • Design choices: Select your finishes to reflect your style.
  • Pre-construction progress: Enjoy the benefits of a partially completed home while still making personalization choices.

Move-In Ready: Convenience and Hand-Selected Finishes

The Move-In Ready stage is an excellent choice if you require a fast turnaround time or prefer a move-in ready home. These homes are 100% complete and ready. With closing times ranging from 14 to 60 days, this stage offers convenience and peace of mind. While the design selections have been hand-selected by our expert design team, you can add extras like blinds or a refrigerator to further enhance your new home. Move-In Ready homes offer a hassle-free option for those seeking a beautiful, turnkey living space.


  • Quick Move: Close on your new home within a short timeframe.
  • Professionally curated finishes: Enjoy a home with hand-selected design choices by our expert team.
  • Additional personalization: Add extras such as fencing to further tailor your move-in ready home.

Whether you build from scratch, personalize a home at the Foundation or Cabinet Stage, or opt for a move-in ready home, our team will walk you through every step! 

Get in touch to start the process!  

New home prices, included features and available locations are subject to change without notice. Stated dimensions and square footage are approximate. Artist renderings are not guaranteed to be drawn to scale.

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