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Spring Home Maintenance tips

March 14, 2019

Did you know the first day of Spring is next Wednesday? Finally! Spring is coming and with it comes a change in weather. You should prepare your home for the rainy season and warmer temperatures with these quick tips! 

Clean your deck/patio

Chances are, your deck or patio has been a little neglected over the winter. The rising temperatures make spring a perfect time for a good scrub down. Whether it's wood or composite, a deck should be cleaned every year to extend its life. 

Irrigation System Spring start up

During the winter your sprinkler system was blown out and shut down. Call your irrigation service company to come back and start it up. The key here is that they turn the water on slowly to give the valves time to pressurize before opening it up all the way so you avoid burst fittings or pop-off sprinkler heads. 

Turn off your Home Humidifier

A central air conditioner will not cool or dehumidify properly if the humidifier is still running. Turn the humidistat to the off position or the lowest percent of relative humidity. Close the bypass duct damper - known as "Summer" position. *Note: not all humidifiers have duct dampers. If you're unsure whether or not your system requires this adjustment, call an HVAC professional. 

Replace your HVAC Filter

Replacing your filter for you HVAC is one tip that should be done on a regular basis, so while your messing with your humidstat, check this one off your list too. Staying on top of this by replacing it every 6-8 weeks can drastically prolong the life of your unit and help your HVAC run more efficiently. 

Pest Control

Unfortunately, this is the season where pests spring into action (pun intended!). Spiders, bees, wasps, termites, ants and many others thrive once the climate sustains temperatures of 60 degrees. Put all food away at night, keep plants 2 feet from you home and vacuum regularly to help reduce pest activity. We also suggest looking into a pest control company to spray in and around your home. 

Replace Batteries in your Smoke Detector

We all watched This Is Us in horror as the Pearson family home went down in flames. Stupid crock pot. But working smoke detectors could have made all the difference! Most recommend testing each smoke alarm at least once a month to make sure they're working properly. It's also suggested you change the batteries every time we have a Daylight Savings time change.  ***side note: this is also a great time to clean or replace your dryer vent, a leading cause for house fires. 

Sometimes as a homeowner, it may seem like there is always something to do around the house, but these important items will help keep you safe and your home looking and running at it's best. For more information about building or buying a Summit Home, call or text 816-326-2909 or email us at

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